Best Spa Treatments for a Relaxing Weekend

For a good weekend getaway, a spa resort is advisable even from a doctor’s perspective. There are various spa treatments that target the entire body with the main focus on different aspects such as nutrition, beauty, health, better living and sometimes weight. Personally, it’s the most effective hangover cure. It is noteworthy then, that spa treatments do not just involve facials and massages. Facials are a multi-step treatment that usually serves to remove blackheads or an anti-aging regimen to the skin but other people use facial therapy as a way to relax and pamper themselves.  


A facial exfoliates the skin, nourishes and cleanses the skin encouraging a well-hydrated complexion that makes one look younger and more smooth. As such it is advisable to understand the benefits one is expecting to better help them choose the best spa treatment. However, there are some spa treatments that are not as easily available as some are indigenous to various cultures but some have been diversified and are available. For a relaxing weekend, there are several treatments that could be beneficial.


Four Hand Massage

As the name suggests, this kind of therapy is a four hand massage carried out by two therapists who work in sync. Harmoniously, these two therapists do more of squeezing and stretching to ease the tension out of the body. There is a fluid motion from head to toe and one therapist take lead while the other follows for that flow of rhythmic massage. The basic procedure is deep kneading, sweeping strokes and as well as assisted stretching that leaves one completely relaxed.


Hot Stone Massage


This particular therapy is quite popular and has been around for the better part of the last decade. Similarly, as the name suggests, it involves the use of very smooth heated stones varying in shapes and sizes. These stones can either be placed on various muscle tissue on the body or as an extension on a therapists hands moving over and massaging the body. First, the body is warmed up with ancient body warming techniques by the therapists and then the hot stones come into action. The heat from the stones offers deep relaxation while a therapist eases the muscle tension at the deepest level. This therapy reduces stress significantly, as well as anxiety, relieves pain and improves the body circulation.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage


This type of spa treatment is quite popular among individuals who are looking to shed some weight. It enhances body circulation, treats skin water retention, relieves aches, as well as pain. The main focus for this particular therapy is stimulating the body’s lymphatic system forcing the body to eliminate toxins and various waste. A therapist basically massages the body’s lymph nodes to initiate the drainage which is highly revitalizing.


Acupressure Massage


This massage procedure is very useful to relieve both pain and stress. Its principle revolves around applying pressure on certain points of the body similar to acupuncture. The therapist places gentle but firm pressure with their fingertips encouraging energy flow and enabling healing. It is advisable for relaxing both the mind and the body as well as relieving pain, improving the body circulation and healing injuries for a very revitalizing and relaxing experience.